How to develop better

sucessful git branching model

with GitHub specify this article, but while reading it, I would say how to develop better, and that’s all.

Indeed an interesting article I recommend reading it, because it speaks about obvious notions but unfortunately not often respected. We should always have at least 2 git branches by example (master = prod, develop = in progress…). This article has also a passage about tests.
Link about philosophy to have when working with branches on a workspace (about git but can work with any versioning system).

So tests… how many time I had to repeat and to mention the importance of them (unit and functional tests) in development. How many times it happened after adding a new function, that an old one doesn’t work anymore because we didn’t test functions of the application. Do tests and execute them! You will save time, and more your application will grow, more you will have to save time on tests of previous functions of your development. You mustn’t to click, write, submit a form, you must to automatise it first time you want to test your application. One your test is written, these actions won’t be manual, and you will get results in few seconds.

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